This wiki is primarily concerned with documenting the current state of the game, though admittedly we're lagging in places. This page is an exception, dealing with its history. It lists the release dates for major upgrades, with links to the official patch notes for those releases. This page is probably of little interest to players, but may be a useful resource for editors. It was created by an editor who found it useful to review the relevant patch notes introducing a new feature when trying to describe the current state of that feature, and who thus wanted a simple way to store the links to those pages.

The numbering of releases contains major inconsistencies. Some minor releases are numbered and/or named and some are not. These inconsistencies have been retained in the data below. Most versions numbers have appeared in both Roman numeral form and Hindu-Arabic numeral form in the official docs, sometimes with inconsistent forms being used within the same web page or even the same paragraph. For ease of reading, only the Hindu-Arabic form is listed below.

Based on the dates of anniversary events, it seems the North American servers commenced in November 2006, presumably with Epic 3.

Release Date Version Patch notes? Pre-announcements?
27-Jul-2007 Epic 4 No Negligible
12-Aug-2008 Epic 5 : The Dragonic Age, Part 1 Yes Negligible
17-Oct-2008 Epic 5 : The Dragonic Age, Part 2 Yes 1 2
20-May-2009 Epic 6 Prologue: Navislamia Dead link Yes
14-Oct-2009 Epic 6 - Solus Aurum Yes Yes
24-Feb-2010 Epic 6 - Resurrection Yes Negligible
14-Jul-2010 Epic 7 - Awakenings Yes 1 2 3
30-Mar-2011 Epic 7 Part 2 - Dimensions Yes Yes
15-Nov-2011 Epic 7 Part 3 - Ascension Yes Yes
7-Jun-2012 Epic 7 - Reanimation Expansion Yes 1 2
21-Nov-2012 Epic 8 - Onslaught Yes No
11-Jul-2013 Epic 8.2 - Forgotten Depths Yes 1 2 3 4 5 6
27-Feb-2014 Epic 8.3 - Omen Yes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
2-Sep-2014 Epic 9 Part 1 - Masquerade Yes 1 2 3 4

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